Tile Cutting Melbourne

Melbourne Tile Cutting

Large Format Porcelain Cutting: We can custom cut large porcelain sheet panels easily such as 1600 x 3200 mm, popular for the porcelain slab splashbacks and wall coverings.

Complex Tile Cutting: Melbourne water jet cutting is able to cut complex big tiles and panels, the waterjet machine can cut up to 60 mm thick tile, stone, marble, caesarstone, porcelain and other tile / panel materials.

Types of waterjet tile cut outs: Notches, Power points, Holes, Basin sinks, Shower base, patterns / shapes

Bulk Tile Cutting: Batch tile cutting of required sizes from standard supplier size

Basin Sink Tile Cutting: Mark the dimensions required for your basin sink and the centre  location point on the surface of your  tile / granite / marble

Tile Shower Base Cutting: Layout your shower floor tiles and mark on the tile where the cut lines are required for your tiled shower floor. Also make sure the drain cutout in the tiles is marked out correctly.

Tile Logo and Font Cutting:  Send us your idea / dxf file and we might be able to help with the cutting of written font or logos in your tiles. Some things we have cut are bluestone house numbers, fancy tile signs, corporate logos in floor tiles.

Custom tile: Ovals, Circles, Curves, Tile floor drain inserts, Slotted tiled ventilation, Slotted tile drains.


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